October 13, 2014

Forever Love

It's been 4 weeks ago yesterday. Wow. Time does fly right past us all. We still cannot believe it's true & this man who is Gia's daddy & my niece Carrie's other half, is no longer with us. So sad & he is missed. His kitties are missing him too. 

I made this layout for my niece & her daughter to keep for the future. I want Giavanna to see her parents together, happy... the way Gia saw her daddy every day. She's only five now, I'm sure she'll remember moments when she's older but she may forget details or his smile, etc. I just want to be sure, for this little girl, this does not happen. There's plenty more photos to create layouts & minis, as well. I hope she appreciates it when she's older & looking through her albums. I'm positive she will & be grateful, we wrote down the details w/photos that she can treasure always. 

**To make the background & heart paper more subdued, I painted Gesso over both. I added stitching to about every corner & added ink splatters by just taking top off bottle & shaking top over cardstock. 

Have a good night.

September 14, 2014

Spellbinders Stamps & Dies

Have you seen the newest line by Spellbinders: Celebra'tions? Stamps, dies, paper, ink & more! Here is a peek using my watercolor pencils & stamps.

And no project is complete without sequins! =)

The green chevron paper is from the 12 x 12 paper pad by Celebra'tions too. Also included in this collection, are the Celebra'tions pierced dies. LOVE!!

 I didn't have pink sequins to add, so I added some purple ones with twine w/a hint of gold. Depending how the light hits the sequins, they look more pink (as my 13 y/o pointed out!) Add the pop dots and we're set! Love this little guy! He's super cute all sparkly! Or he can easily by a she! oops!

Have a crafty weekend!

August 2, 2014

Project Life Week 30

Can you believe it?! Five months till Christmas?! Nope. I'm so not ready to even think about it! My youngest just went back to school 2 weeks ago! Okay now back to our regular scheduled program...

Here is my spread for Week 30! And yes, I do skip around. Until I am caught up, this is what works for me. =) I used a bunch of different manuf. products on this one & love it! I did decide to just use the Project Life kit by Becky Higgins: 5th & Frolic. This cut my time down by half I bet! Instead of using a 6x6 paper pad and taking too much time to decide the perfect paper to back this photo & that. 

Yes there I am! I'm trying to include more ME in my PL pages. This way, my girls know mom existed when they look back years from now! How often do you appear on your pages? 

Gotta love sparkly Thickers & sequins!

I did journal quite a bit on this spread. I feel the need to explain the moment/details so when our girls go back to look through, they are not left wondering what/why am I doing this? I used a bunch of tiny stamps too by Citrus Twist Kits. Love.

This corner photo I split, simply because it didn't fit. I like using the 4x4 photos I print on my PictureMate Show PM300 printer. They're bigger & because I don't have many PL page protecters to choose from, I make my pictures & PL cards work! Have you tried splitting a photo yet?

I love how my journaling card came out! My globe was cut out by my Silhouette and stamped. Now my youngest can pull card out by tab and read all about her first day & her new school. 

I miss creating my Project Life spreads. Time and the fact, my Mac was out of order for nearly a month didn't help any. I'm back & taking time for me. Including massages at my chiropractor's office  and yoga DVDS my husband had bought me. This body so desperately needs it. 

Have a great weekend!

Project Life kit: 5th & Frolic, Silhouette: globe & heart tab, Flourishes: world map stamp, Stazon ink: Dove Gray, Heidi Swapp: Black ink & colored pencil, CTMH: corner rounder, Vellum on CTA journal card, Thickers: American Crafts Eric, @PaperIssues: May 2014 swag bag, CitrusTwistKits: tiny stamps, Spellbinders: feather die, Studio Calico: wood arrows, Amy Tangerine: roller stamps, Tim Holtz: mini stapler, Prima: flowers Misc: washi, brads, stitches

July 25, 2014

My Mac is Back!

Whoohoo! I've been without since the first week in a July! NO joke! End result? New video card. Ugh. But it's back and beautiful! Whoohoo! Now I can get on w/my scrapbook posts & get caught up! Hello & I've missed you. Oh yes, don't forget to add the TONS of emails I need to sort through & delete. Fun times ahead. Am I the only one with a to-do and want-to-do list that will span here in AZ to the Brooklyn Bridge?! Oh let me add my sew-to-do list as well as my project-want-to-create list?! And... last but not least, my Project Life list. And now that our youngest is back in school and soccer has really never stopped for all three girls, yes all my mommy-lists can wait once again. Not forever, more like slow mode. I hope the upcoming months will offer me more time somehow. Wishful thinking I know but I have to stay positive!

Speaking of positive... Do you read She Reads Truth? They offer devotionals & you can choose which plan to follow. I love the positive feelings I'm left with & I hope to have my girls following soon. There's so much more behind it all but I'll leave you to visit the website & form your own opinions. I'd love to hear back what your thoughts were on it all!

Ok back to my Mac & this blog! So much has happened this month and saying goodbye to 2peas. I'm going to miss the Garden Girls and all the videos too! Wilna, Paige Evans & Janna Werner just to name a few. I know Janna had just completed her term but I still miss her! And yes, I visit her blog! I have a scrap-envy-lust-list too! ha! That sounds funny. Oops!

I hope to have more posts up real soon! Just bare with me!

Have an awesome day & let's chat soon!

(photo found on Instagram & I had to save for my lock screen on my iPhone! It makes me happy!)

July 2, 2014

Happy Thirteen

Happy birthday to my beautiful girl! No longer a tween! This girl may be stubborn at times but I love her more than ever! She has a big heart too! She will love you hard & forever. She loves soccer, horses, being crafty, her pen pals, happy mail, scrapbooking & she makes the best cards! She's quite the fashionista too! She loves her short hair & not afraid to show it! She sports Mohawks, even on picture day! She'll wear skirts, pink, lipgloss & occasional eye shadow for special occasions! Don't let her freckles, tough girl exterior, beautiful face & long legs fool you! lol

Happy Thirteen mama. 
We love you more than ever & you make us proud. 

June 22, 2014

Citrus Twist Kits

Yes please! Have you heard of CTK? I bought myself a monthly subscription of the Project Life kit for my birthday this past January. I have compared so many kit clubs & finally narrowed it down to three. CTK came out on top because they include a brand new 6x6 paper pad! SCORE! Yep love it. This way you can create your own PL cards or use on other projects.

This is my June kit:

Kit contents:

Card Stock:
Four 4x6 solid textured journal cards
Patterned Paper:
South of Market 6 x 6 Paper Pad (Studio Calico)
12 3x4 journaling cards (Citrus Twist Kits); Blue Corn Navy Alphabeans alphabet stickers (Jillibean); 2 x 3 stamp (Citrus Twist Kits); Something Wonderful Decorative Stickers (Teresa Collins); floral woodchips (Citrus Twist Kits); 2 yards yellow polka dot washi on spool (Sticker Stop); 2 flair (Citrus Twist Kits); cutapart labels (Citrus Twist Kits); Pocket Life Sketches & transparencies! 

Do you subscribe to any kit clubs? What are your faves?
My other two faves are Studio Calico & Gossamer Blue. 
Have a good night!

June 20, 2014

Teens & Anxiety

Hello again! Okay, so we have four girls and they are so very different. Yes that is expected but still as a parent, you wonder why so different? Even with the day to day happenings, pressures and the way they handle all of it! 

Have you heard of Bethany Mota? Huge on YouTube, gorgeous girl setting trends all over the world. Super cute, bubbly & positive too! And she has a personal story why she started her videos too! 

Another girl I just stumbled upon this morning was Zoella (she's 22), also on YouTube. Same idea as Bethany & from London. The reason for my posting this was because of a video by Zoe: Anxiety Q&A w/Zoella. 

Our teen has had maybe anxiety issues in the past or breathing issues when she's flustered? It started almost two years ago. I noticed it when she had gotten in trouble, not huge either just needed talking to right then on the way to school, which is a 3 minute car ride. Right away her breathing changed and it seemed like she couldn't catch her breath or she seemed to be breathing from her chest (her chest was visibly puffing up & down. Sort of hard to explain.) It kept happening and after a dr appt w/the "breathing dr" (he worked w/singers & many teens too he said) and many breathing exercises, it all seemed to calm down. He taught her how to access the situation and how to apply breathing exercises to calm herself down. I'm so glad we had made appts w/him too because if not, I know her condition would of gotten worse. 

I know our teens right now, compared to when I was a teen... face so many more issues, peer pressure, making the right decisions, etc. They do have so much pressure on them, even though we as parents might not think so or we may just not want to think about it or just simply not "go there". I do encourage trying to talk to your kids, teens and all ages and be close w/them. So many kids come home from school and do not share their day at all. Mine are the opposite and I'm grateful for this. I had it like this when I grew up. I was always close to my mom and told her everything. It's such a scary world for our teens these days. Times are so different.

And this brings me to these two girls: Bethany & Zoe. I'm sure there are many more teens on YouTube or the internet making a different for our teens these days too. Bethany: I have seen her videos and heard the news that she'll be here & there, always positive thoughts w/her. Zoe shared this video that I think many teens can relate too even though we, as parents, may not want to admit or even realize that our teens feel this way. 

I just wanted to share my findings w/you moms & dads and maybe you can share these two girls w/your teens. 

Have a wonderful day!